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TitleAuthorsYearSource titleLink
Micro porous carbon spheres from cyclodextrin nanospongesZanetti M.; Anceschi A.; Magnacca G.; Spezzati G.; Caldera F.; Rosi G.P.; Trotta F.2016Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
Quinoid-Thiophene-Based Covalent Organic Polymers for High Iodine Uptake: When Rational Chemical Design Counterbalances the Low Surface Area and Pore VolumeYildirim O.; Tsaturyan A.; Damin A.; Nejrotti S.; Crocellà V.; Gallo A.; Chierotti M.R.; Bonomo M.; Barolo C.2023ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Application of metal-organic frameworks and covalent organic frameworks as (photo)active material in hybrid photovoltaic technologiesYildirim O.; Bonomo M.; Barbero N.; Atzori C.; Civalleri B.; Bonino F.; Viscardi G.; Barolo C.2020Energies
Impact of P3HT Regioregularity and Molecular Weight on the Efficiency and Stability of Perovskite Solar CellsYaghoobi Nia N.; Bonomo M.; Zendehdel M.; Lamanna E.; Desoky M.M.H.; Paci B.; Zurlo F.; Generosi A.; Barolo C.; Viscardi G.; Quagliotto P.; Di Carlo A.2021ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
One pot synthesis of low cost emitters with large Stokes' shiftVolpi G.; Magnano G.; Benesperi I.; Saccone D.; Priola E.; Gianotti V.; Milanesio M.; Conterosito E.; Barolo C.; Viscardi G.2017Dyes and Pigments
A new auspicious scaffold for small dyes and fluorophoresVolpi G.; Garino C.; Priola E.; Barolo C.2022Dyes and Pigments
Strategies to increase the quantum yield: Luminescent methoxylated imidazo[1,5-a]pyridinesVolpi G.; Garino C.; Fresta E.; Casamassa E.; Giordano M.; Barolo C.; Viscardi G.2021Dyes and Pigments
Fluorescent trifluoromethylated imidazo[1,5-a]pyridines and their application in luminescent down-shifting conversionVolpi G.; Galliano S.; Buscaino R.; Viscardi G.; Barolo C.2022Journal of Luminescence
Knowledge discovery out of text data: a systematic review via text miningUsai A.; Pironti M.; Mital M.; Aouina Mejri C.2018Journal of Knowledge Management
Effects of Reabsorption due to Surface Concentration in Highly Resonant Photonic Crystal Fluorescence BiosensorsSinibaldi A.; Fieramosca A.; Danz N.; Munzert P.; Occhicone A.; Barolo C.; Michelotti F.2018Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Green zinc/galactomannan-based hydrogels push up the photovoltage of quasi solid aqueous dye sensitized solar cellsSegura Zarate A.Y.; Gontrani L.; Galliano S.; Bauer E.M.; Donia D.T.; Barolo C.; Bonomo M.; Carbone M.2024Solar Energy
CSR best practices for global multi-tier sustainable supply chain integration of Chinese MNEsScuotto V.; Chin T.; Pezzi A.; Pironti M.2022Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
Sustainable mechanochemical synthesis of β-cyclodextrin polymers by twin screw extrusionRubin Pedrazzo A.; Trotta F.; Hoti G.; Cesano F.; Zanetti M.2022Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Cyclodextrins as a Templating Agent in Solvent-Free Kneading-Based Syntheses of Nanosized SnO2and ZnORubin Pedrazzo A.; Jouve A.; Morandi S.; Manzoli M.; Cecone C.; Bracco P.; Zanetti M.2022ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
Mechanosynthesis of β-Cyclodextrin Polymers Based on Natural Deep Eutectic SolventsRubin Pedrazzo A.; Cecone C.; Trotta F.; Zanetti M.2021ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
Thiol-yne chemistry for 3D printing: Exploiting an off-stoichiometric route for selective functionalization of 3D objectsRoppolo I.; Frascella F.; Gastaldi M.; Castellino M.; Ciubini B.; Barolo C.; Scaltrito L.; Nicosia C.; Zanetti M.; Chiappone A.2019Polymer Chemistry
Navigating change: examining the influence of COVID-19 on knowledge-sharing dynamics in family firms within the restaurant and fast-food industryRezaei M.; Gündüz C.; Ghamgui N.; Pironti M.; Kliestik T.2024Journal of Knowledge Management
Editorial: Cognitive aspects of interactive technology use: From computers to smart objects and autonomous agentsRapp A.; Tirassa M.; Ziemke T.2019Frontiers in Psychology
Finding a Secure Place: A Map-Based Crowdsourcing System for People with AutismRapp A.; Cena F.; Schifanella C.; Boella G.2020IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems
Interactive urban maps for people with Autism Spectrum DisorderRapp A.; Cena F.; Boella G.; Antonini A.; Calafiore A.; Buccoliero S.; Tirassa M.; Keller R.; Castaldo R.; Brighenti S.2017Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings
Nanosized sno2 prepared by electrospinning: Influence of the polymer on both morphology and microstructurePedrazzo A.R.; Cecone C.; Morandi S.; Manzoli M.; Bracco P.; Zanetti M.2021Polymers
Near-infrared emitting single squaraine dye aggregates with large Stokes shiftsPaternò G.M.; Moretti L.; Barker A.J.; D'Andrea C.; Luzio A.; Barbero N.; Galliano S.; Barolo C.; Lanzani G.; Scotognella F.2017Journal of Materials Chemistry C
Excited state photophysics of squaraine dyes for photovoltaic applications: An alternative deactivation scenarioPaternò G.M.; Barbero N.; Galliano S.; Barolo C.; Lanzani G.; Scotognella F.; Borrelli R.2018Journal of Materials Chemistry C
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Improving Sustainability through Covalent Adaptable Networks in the Recycling of Polyurethane PlasticsMiravalle E.; Bracco P.; Brunella V.; Barolo C.; Zanetti M.2023Polymers
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Designing Wearable Systems for Sports: A Review of Trends and Opportunities in Human-Computer InteractionMencarini E.; Rapp A.; Tirabeni L.; Zancanaro M.2019IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems
Exploring zinc oxide morphologies for aqueous solar cells by a photoelectrochemical, computational, and multivariate approachMaruccia E.; Galliano S.; Schiavo E.; Garino N.; Segura Zarate A.Y.; Muñoz-García A.B.; Pavone M.; Gerbaldi C.; Barolo C.; Cauda V.; Bella F.2024Energy Advances
Increasing circular and bio-based content of a thermosetting polyurethane for encapsulation of optoelectronic devices: A multivariate investigationMariotti N.; Viada G.; Galliano S.; Menozzi A.; Tammaro F.; Gianelli W.; Bonomo M.; Barolo C.2023Journal of Cleaner Production
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Investigating the effect of a passive trunk exoskeleton on local discomfort, perceived effort and spatial distribution of back muscles activityGiustetto A.; Vieira Dos Anjos F.; Gallo F.; Monferino R.; Cerone G.L.; Di Pardo M.; Gazzoni M.; Micheletti Cremasco M.2021Ergonomics
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Fire behavior of polyamide 12 nanocomposites containing POSS and CNTGentiluomo S.; Veca A.D.; Monti M.; Zaccone M.; Zanetti M.2016Polymer Degradation and Stability
4D printing of light activated shape memory polymers with organic dyesGastaldi M.; Spiegel C.A.; Vazquez-Martel C.; Barolo C.; Roppolo I.; Blasco E.2022Molecular Systems Design and Engineering
Thermochromic photoluminescent 3D printed polymeric devices based on copper-iodide clustersGastaldi M.; Roppolo I.; Chiappone A.; Garino C.; Fin A.; Manachino M.; Sirianni P.; Viscardi G.; Scaltrito L.; Zanetti M.; Bordiga S.; Barolo C.2022Additive Manufacturing
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Hydrogel electrolytes based on xanthan gum: Green route towards stable dye-sensitized solar cellsGalliano S.; Bella F.; Bonomo M.; Viscardi G.; Gerbaldi C.; Boschloo G.; Barolo C.2020Nanomaterials
Xanthan-Based Hydrogel for Stable and Efficient Quasi-Solid Truly Aqueous Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell with Cobalt MediatorGalliano S.; Bella F.; Bonomo M.; Giordano F.; Grätzel M.; Viscardi G.; Hagfeldt A.; Gerbaldi C.; Barolo C.2021Solar RRL
Novel Ligand and Device Designs for Stable Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Based on Heteroleptic Copper(I) ComplexesFresta E.; Volpi G.; Milanesio M.; Garino C.; Barolo C.; Costa R.D.2018Inorganic Chemistry
Contextualizing yellow light-emitting electrochemical cells based on a blue-emitting imidazo-pyridine emitterFresta E.; Volpi G.; Garino C.; Barolo C.; Costa R.D.2018Polyhedron
Designing Artificial Fluorescent Proteins: Squaraine-LmrR Biophosphors for High Performance Deep-Red Biohybrid Light-Emitting DiodesFerrara S.; Mejias S.H.; Liutkus M.; Renno G.; Stella F.; Kociolek I.; Fuenzalida-Werner J.P.; Barolo C.; Coto P.B.; Cortajarena A.L.; Costa R.D.2022Advanced Functional Materials
The Green Frontier of Mobile Applications in Improving Recycling Consumers' BehaviorFarronato N.; Scuotto V.; Pironti M.; Del Giudice M.2022IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: Toward Solid-State and Platinum-Free PhotovoltaicsFagiolari L.; Varaia E.; Mariotti N.; Bonomo M.; Barolo C.; Bella F.2021Advanced Sustainable Systems
Changing learning paradigms: an interplay of Digital Taylorism and technostress on perceived employabilityDuggal H.K.; Khatri P.; Thomas A.; Pironti M.2024Journal of Management History
Unpacking open innovation neighborhoods: le milieu of the lean smart cityDezi L.; Pisano P.; Pironti M.; Papa A.2018Management Decision
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Piezoresistive and mechanical behavior of CNT based polyurethane foamDe Meo E.; Agnelli S.; Veca A.; Brunella V.; Zanetti M.2020Journal of Composites Science
Lignin-Based Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Sustainable Aqueous Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsDe Haro J.C.; Tatsi E.; Fagiolari L.; Bonomo M.; Barolo C.; Turri S.; Bella F.; Griffini G.2021ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
The moderating effect of firm size on relational capital and firm performance: Evidence from EuropeCorvino A.; Caputo F.; Pironti M.; Doni F.; Bianchi Martini S.2019Journal of Intellectual Capital
Low-cost Photoactive Hybrid Materials: From Green Synthesis to Multi-technique Analytical CharacterizationConterosito E.; Toson V.; Boccaleri E.; Antonioli D.; Milanesio M.; Palin L.; Barolo C.; Barbero N.; Galliano S.; Gianotti V.2023ChemNanoMat
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A multi-technique approach to unveil the redox behaviour and potentiality of homoleptic CuI complexes based on substituted bipyridine ligands in oxygenation reactionsCentrella B.; Deplano G.; Damin A.; Signorile M.; Tortora M.; Barolo C.; Bonomo M.; Bordiga S.2022Dalton Transactions
Microfibers of microporous carbon obtained from the pyrolysis of electrospun β-cyclodextrin/pyromellitic dianhydride nanospongesCecone C.; Zanetti M.; Anceschi A.; Caldera F.; Trotta F.; Bracco P.2019Polymer Degradation and Stability
Dextrin-Based Adsorbents Synthesized via a Sustainable Approach for the Removal of Salicylic Acid from WaterCecone C.; Iudici M.; Ginepro M.; Zanetti M.; Trotta F.; Bracco P.2023Nanomaterials
Sustainable production of curable maltodextrin-based electrospun microfibersCecone C.; Hoti G.; Zanetti M.; Trotta F.; Bracco P.2021RSC Advances
Sustainable synthesis of cyclodextrin-based polymers by exploiting natural deep eutectic solventsCecone C.; Hoti G.; Krabicová I.; Appleton S.L.; Caldera F.; Bracco P.; Zanetti M.; Trotta F.2020Green Chemistry
NADES-derived beta cyclodextrin-based polymers as sustainable precursors to produce sub-micrometric cross-linked mats and fibrous carbonsCecone C.; Hoti G.; Caldera F.; Zanetti M.; Trotta F.; Bracco P.2022Polymer Degradation and Stability
Maltodextrin-Based Cross-Linked Electrospun Mats as Sustainable Sorbents for the Removal of Atenolol from WaterCecone C.; Fiume V.; Bracco P.; Zanetti M.2024Polymers
Controlled release of DEET loaded on fibrous mats from electrospun PMDA/cyclodextrin polymerCecone C.; Caldera F.; Trotta F.; Bracco P.; Zanetti M.2018Molecules
One-step facile process to obtain insoluble polysaccharides fibrous mats from electrospinning of water-soluble PMDA/cyclodextrin polymerCecone C.; Caldera F.; Anceschi A.; Scalarone D.; Trotta F.; Bracco P.; Zanetti M.2018Journal of Applied Polymer Science
Multivariate Analysis Identifying [Cu(N^N)(P^P)]+ Design and Device Architecture Enables First-Class Blue and White Light-Emitting Electrochemical CellsCavinato L.M.; Wölfl S.; Pöthig A.; Fresta E.; Garino C.; Fernandez-Cestau J.; Barolo C.; Costa R.D.2022Advanced Materials
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Preparation and characterization of microporous carbon spheres from high amylose pea maltodextrinAnceschi A.; Magnacca G.; Trotta F.; Zanetti M.2017RSC Advances
Sustainable N-containing biochars obtained at low temperatures as sorbing materials for environmental application: Municipal biowaste-derived substances and nanosponges case studiesAnceschi A.; Guerretta F.; Magnacca G.; Zanetti M.; Benzi P.; Trotta F.; Caldera F.; Nisticò R.2018Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis
New poly(β-cyclodextrin)/poly(vinyl alcohol) electrospun sub-micrometric fibers and their potential application for wastewater treatmentsAnceschi A.; Caldera F.; Bertasa M.; Cecone C.; Trotta F.; Bracco P.; Zanetti M.; Malandrino M.; Mallon P.E.; Scalarone D.2020Nanomaterials
Preparation of microspheres and monolithic microporous carbons from the pyrolysis of template-free hyper-crosslinked oligosaccharides polymerAnceschi A.; Binello A.; Caldera F.; Trotta F.; Zanetti M.2020Molecules